Sunday, December 11, 2011


That imgur has most of these characters illustrated. Not all though.
  • Clay, The Acrylic Indian
  • Dosh, The Dragonfly Cowboy
  • Argile, Boy Space Cadet and his trust light bulb robot companion, BIT
  • Sid, The Dreamcatcher
  • Snail Wizard
  • Eel Charmer
  • Cola Genie
  • Gypsy King
  • Birdkeeper Samurai
  • King Monarch
  • Boy & Action Figure
  • Gargoyle Child
  • Racoon Theif
  • Galaghost
  • Meteorphan
  • Wax Witch
  • Grasshopper Muskateer
  • Sphynx 
  • Blowfish Shaman
  • Caterpillar Mummy
  • Explorer & Lightningbug
  • Stump Preist
  • Swamp Orcale
  • Wolf Boy
  • Sandman
  • Moag, the Sabertooth Deere Lion
  • Jackal
  • Satyr Lemur
  • Flowerheads
  • Time Cat
  • Dragon Cheif
  • Monster Hunter
  • Cloud Prince
  • Vampire Count
  • Sky Pirate
  • Hypnotist
As you can tell, most of these characters are nameless at the moment.

tumblr for pretty pictures


This is a list and brief description of all the various races that inhabit the Illustrated Unconscious world.
Coralskins - Coral Reptile Humanoids with varied color deep scales.
Moon Children - Humanoid mutants with crater like scars all over their body. 
Beastkin - Various beast humanoids.
Humans - self explanatory
Bloodborn - Demon, horror humanoids.
Dreayid - Forest dwelling humanoids that are part tree themselves.
Psijin - Mysterious psychic race of monks.
Tundra Nomads - humanoid ice tribes with resistance to cold temperatures.
Dune Exiles - Humanoids lost in the sands. They are adept at time magic.
Dreamwalkers - Extradimensional beings that appear to others as beautiful humanoids with ethereal hair.
Swampcults - Shamanistic humanoids that inhabit the swamps.

All of these race names are bound to change into actual original names not just words put together.

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