Saturday, September 25, 2010


Trying to correlate all these characters, events, items, places together. I'm not a writer, but I can try. 
That astronaut guy, his name is Argile and his partner is Bit. The kid with the mane is Clay. 

That's all I've really got for now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Return to Seafoam Fortress

So it's been a bit since and update. I've been moving into my new house and busy with a birthday and work etc. Things should be coming out steadily now. I still need to get a driver for my scanner. So at the moment there may not be any scans. " Return to Seafoam Fortress"  Who doesn't love sand castles?

I once had a dream where I was on a large dock, overlooking the ocean. A large, crystal, lava lamp-esque spaceship sat at the end of the dock. The lava inside bubbled and a window into a cockpit appeared. My fellow space cadets and I approached the ship. A large bubble of lava hovered to the bottom of the ship and a door opened. We walked in into a circle spiral of stairs, leading up to the biggest mass of lava, which is where the cockpit was. Ignition. We took off, peaked, and then shot into the ocean. Suddenly the ship shot out of the water, but we were upside down, in some sort of parallel universe. We crashed into a heavy muck of trees. I exited the ship to find myself in a thick, mucky swamp of purple honeycombs and levitating trees. A small light came from the distance. I followed and found myself on a winding path. My cadets followed close behind taking samples of the foliage and the gooey river.  I found myself infront of an old post war diner. The neon signs lit and glitched with sparks of electricity. An old jukebox sat, broken into pieces next to the entrance. I walked in and found a scruffy man standing behind the bar cleaning a glass. I asked him where I was, and if he knew the time. He gave me a hesitant answer, and I went and took a seat in a booth with my fellow space explorers. Suddenly I awoke ( in reality ) and set my alarm. I went back to sleep and I found myself standing infront of the bar. I asked the man where I was and if he knew the time. He looked at me with a puzzled glance and asked " You came in a yesterday and asked me this same question boy" I looked around, my team was nowhere around, and the diner sat in an empty silence. The End.

I've been obsessing recently.