Thursday, November 18, 2010


New projects coming. I've got plenty of braindrainage for you though.
I'm working on locations along with everything else. I've got quite a few down.

The Subconscious Cinema
A desolated cinema club. Controlled by a faint shadow that casts upon the screen. The cinema broadcasts short spurts of subliminally coded footage. The theater lays empty. Waiting for the next curious traveler.
The Pillowtop Plains
A vast horizon of roaring plains. Where mirages flicker in the distance and hazy creatures crawl out from inbetween the feathery soft ground. Bizarre shapes and tessellations dance in the sky.
The Honeycomb Lagoon
A thick, humid, tropical swamp of purple honey, scattered with patterned honeycombs floating around the dense, soggy foliage. Trees hang with slimes of purple vines. Exotic birds roam the droopy branches.
The Treetop Colony
A small colony atop the trees of The Levitating Meadow.
Cloudburst Castle
A castle of a large fragment of rock orbiting in the sky. A waterfall eternally flows down onto the earth. Surrounded in clouds and home to many luxurious plants and fruit trees.
The Haunted Observatory
A pre-war observatory that is now home to ghosts of dead constellations. The windows are boarded up and the ancient technology lay dusty and silent.
The Gooey Bros Bazaar
 A small hovel with many extravagant pets, tools, weapons, ingredients, and pretty much anything else. Owned by The Gooey Brothers. To the north of The Subconcious Cinema.
The Levitating Meadow
A solitary meadow quietly hovering above the ground. It's trees are twisted into abstract, harsh trunks lacking roots.
Bluto's Diner
A hole in the wall diner located within The Honeycomb Lagoon.  Owned by a scruffy man named Bluto. Serves the finest Primordial Soup and Slugberry Stew around. The diner's neon lights flicker in the fog of the swamp. A broken, slowly sinking jukebox lays out front, echoing a blissful melody drowned in the wind.
The Seafoam Fortress
A stronghold made of sand and a massive coral reef. Home to King Khalaf.
The Drippy Slug Seaport
A port where only the dirtiest scalliwags and scoundrels go to trade, socialize, and gamble. Right off The Vermillion Sea.
Berrydrop Elementary Ruins
A wasteland of a ruined elementary school with a overgrown playground.

Im pretty sure there's more, but I don't have my journal right now. More Detail 'n such ( maybe illustrations of the locales) on its way soon.

Anyways you guys like music?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


No updates this time, I'm sure there is something I could scrounge up to put up but I'm a little lazy at the moment.
So here is some music to drown your eardrums in.




Saturday, September 25, 2010


Trying to correlate all these characters, events, items, places together. I'm not a writer, but I can try. 
That astronaut guy, his name is Argile and his partner is Bit. The kid with the mane is Clay. 

That's all I've really got for now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Return to Seafoam Fortress

So it's been a bit since and update. I've been moving into my new house and busy with a birthday and work etc. Things should be coming out steadily now. I still need to get a driver for my scanner. So at the moment there may not be any scans. " Return to Seafoam Fortress"  Who doesn't love sand castles?

I once had a dream where I was on a large dock, overlooking the ocean. A large, crystal, lava lamp-esque spaceship sat at the end of the dock. The lava inside bubbled and a window into a cockpit appeared. My fellow space cadets and I approached the ship. A large bubble of lava hovered to the bottom of the ship and a door opened. We walked in into a circle spiral of stairs, leading up to the biggest mass of lava, which is where the cockpit was. Ignition. We took off, peaked, and then shot into the ocean. Suddenly the ship shot out of the water, but we were upside down, in some sort of parallel universe. We crashed into a heavy muck of trees. I exited the ship to find myself in a thick, mucky swamp of purple honeycombs and levitating trees. A small light came from the distance. I followed and found myself on a winding path. My cadets followed close behind taking samples of the foliage and the gooey river.  I found myself infront of an old post war diner. The neon signs lit and glitched with sparks of electricity. An old jukebox sat, broken into pieces next to the entrance. I walked in and found a scruffy man standing behind the bar cleaning a glass. I asked him where I was, and if he knew the time. He gave me a hesitant answer, and I went and took a seat in a booth with my fellow space explorers. Suddenly I awoke ( in reality ) and set my alarm. I went back to sleep and I found myself standing infront of the bar. I asked the man where I was and if he knew the time. He looked at me with a puzzled glance and asked " You came in a yesterday and asked me this same question boy" I looked around, my team was nowhere around, and the diner sat in an empty silence. The End.

I've been obsessing recently.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dandelion Gum

So a few years back I heard a song called " Sun Lips " by Black Moth Super Rainbow.
I downloaded thier album, and soon after got hooked. Exploring the evolution of the whole feeling and emotion these sounds brought.
Let's start at square one.
A mysterious persona named "Tobacco" started making noises.
First, as far as I know, was The Allegheny White Fish Tapes.
Which was a ghetto-blasted obscure slew of songs. 
About eating butterflies,  blue seahorses, braided cellophane, and sunburned faces.
Songs that gonna git you brainwashed into doing the " Dead Cowboy Dance "
After that a band of satanic, stomping caterpillars crawled out of the sewers of Pittsburgh
They created melodies for a color spectrum, songs about being magnectic, black rainboe beats, and a beautiful flower child in 256 colors.
That era soon passed. 
Later, in the year 2003 Tobacco, The Seven Fields of Aphelion, Father Hummingbird, Iffernaut, and Power Pill Fist combined their powers to form Black Moth Super Rainbow.
 Their first album, was Falling Through A Field, Soon followed by Start A People.
Next came Dandelion Gum. Which was a masterpiece.
After came Eating Us.
Which personally wasn't my favorite.
Tobacco himself even didn't really like that album.
Tobacco, after Dandelion Gum went solo and released a LP called " Fucked Up Friends" along with a "Fucked Up Friends" vhs/dvd
After that he realeased " Maniac Meat " and also a secret cd-r called " Mystic Thickness " and the " Fucked Up Friends 2 " vhs/dvd.

Theres much more mystery than what's been talked about. I just now decided I'm going to constantly edit this post until it is a megapost. So until next time...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Caterpillar Sarcophagai

'Bout damn time.
It's taken me a very long time to create all those characters.
Well, I'll go into some character background I guess.
If you can see that witch in like the center right.
She's The Wax Witch, a candle sits atop her head, ever burning.
She live's in a cottage called The Crater's Inn, where she shelteres weary travelers and also takes care of an orphan.
She brews stews of mixed blueberries ( to brainwash ), slugs ( to satisfy ), a pinch of algea ( for the aroma ), a clump of sabertooth fur ( to inFURiate), and a pitcher of  peacock saliva ( to hypnotize).

More soon.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


New clusterfuck of characters. Soon to be watercoloured. Also a high res scan coming soon.

I once had a dream that I washed up onto the shore of a small island. There was a building of pillars in the center. I walked around the building and there was a massive blue ear hanging from a chain. A large cougar of some kind guarded it. He immediately sees me and lunges. I run to the ear and scramble up. I'm now on a platform, on the second story of the building. A gap lies infront of me, with a blue torso also hanging from a chain. I leap off the ledge and grab onto the statue. I swing to the other side. A bookshelf is directly ahead of me. I walk towards it and suddenly a trap door opens and a fall inside.

I once had a dream where I was riding a really old orange bike through a huge neghiborhood. Two boys chased me on their bikes. I swerved through the streets and came to the slope of a hill. I stuck my foot out and slammed it into the ground turning myself to follow the side of the hill. The boys flew past and into the  belly of the hill. I rode to a house in the distance. Throwing down my bike, I walk inside and find a mail bag with my sketchbook inside. I grab it and go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. Suddenly my teeth begin to fall out and I scramble to pick them up off the floor. After a moment I walk outside and it is night. I look at the sky, in a flash of lucidity, point and say " sun....sun...sun...." the sun comes up.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Past Works

So I was going to seperate my works in posts from early, to most recent but I got a tad bit lazy seeing that its five in the morning. Until I stop being lazy, I'm going to have to link you over to my imgur

Pretty soon here I'll start posting stories from my dream diary I've kept over the last year or so.

I am now going to sleep.

A little about me

Alright, so a little about myself.
I'm Dylan, I was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma.
My dad was a painter, my uncle was an illustrator.
Through luck of the gene pool I aquired a little of both their talents.
Sadly though neither of them persued their arts.
Soon I'll be going to college for fine arts, graphic design, and illustration.
I have a lot of old work to show, which will be in my next post.
I have a lot of ideas that will be talked about, along with sketches and such.
I have a lot of my family's artwork that I will be showing because its just a shame eyes have not seen them.
I will have a lot of new work being constantly posted.
Finally, I will post about other things of interest, including politics, other artists, music, video games, and pretty much anything else I find relevent or interesting.
I'm obsessed with subtly psychedellic children's books and movies, and cereal boxes with mazes, mystery and adventure on the back.
There's much more I could say about myself but I'll leave that for other posts.