Thursday, November 18, 2010


New projects coming. I've got plenty of braindrainage for you though.
I'm working on locations along with everything else. I've got quite a few down.

The Subconscious Cinema
A desolated cinema club. Controlled by a faint shadow that casts upon the screen. The cinema broadcasts short spurts of subliminally coded footage. The theater lays empty. Waiting for the next curious traveler.
The Pillowtop Plains
A vast horizon of roaring plains. Where mirages flicker in the distance and hazy creatures crawl out from inbetween the feathery soft ground. Bizarre shapes and tessellations dance in the sky.
The Honeycomb Lagoon
A thick, humid, tropical swamp of purple honey, scattered with patterned honeycombs floating around the dense, soggy foliage. Trees hang with slimes of purple vines. Exotic birds roam the droopy branches.
The Treetop Colony
A small colony atop the trees of The Levitating Meadow.
Cloudburst Castle
A castle of a large fragment of rock orbiting in the sky. A waterfall eternally flows down onto the earth. Surrounded in clouds and home to many luxurious plants and fruit trees.
The Haunted Observatory
A pre-war observatory that is now home to ghosts of dead constellations. The windows are boarded up and the ancient technology lay dusty and silent.
The Gooey Bros Bazaar
 A small hovel with many extravagant pets, tools, weapons, ingredients, and pretty much anything else. Owned by The Gooey Brothers. To the north of The Subconcious Cinema.
The Levitating Meadow
A solitary meadow quietly hovering above the ground. It's trees are twisted into abstract, harsh trunks lacking roots.
Bluto's Diner
A hole in the wall diner located within The Honeycomb Lagoon.  Owned by a scruffy man named Bluto. Serves the finest Primordial Soup and Slugberry Stew around. The diner's neon lights flicker in the fog of the swamp. A broken, slowly sinking jukebox lays out front, echoing a blissful melody drowned in the wind.
The Seafoam Fortress
A stronghold made of sand and a massive coral reef. Home to King Khalaf.
The Drippy Slug Seaport
A port where only the dirtiest scalliwags and scoundrels go to trade, socialize, and gamble. Right off The Vermillion Sea.
Berrydrop Elementary Ruins
A wasteland of a ruined elementary school with a overgrown playground.

Im pretty sure there's more, but I don't have my journal right now. More Detail 'n such ( maybe illustrations of the locales) on its way soon.

Anyways you guys like music?

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