Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Acrylic Indian & Meadowbeast
A boy named Clay and his pet saber tooth deer lion Moag.
Dragonfly Cowboy & Dragonfly
A gritty mercenary named Sid and his pet dragonfly.
Wax Witch & Meteorphan
A mystic witch that lives on a shack at the edge of the ocean. She cares for an orphan named Uriah.
Space Boy & Bulbcadet
Argile and his trust companion BIT. Interstellar explorers for Amphex Industries.
Gypsy King & Jackal
Snail Wizard
Sandman & Dream Catcher
King Monarch & Caterpillar mummies 
Racoon Theif & Shadowbeast
Witch Doctor
Grasshopper Muskateer
Cola Genie
Bird Keeper Samurai & Hawk
Child & Action Figure

* Will be updated very soon, I don't have my book right now so I don't have all the names and such.

Most have been seen in a few of my Illustrated Unconscious drawings.

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