Thursday, August 11, 2011


I hate gaps of time when I don't have a scanner. Lots of stuff going on at the tumblr they have so much great art & illustration to look at.  I have some new stuff but like I said I'm out a scanner at the moment.  I've been having lots of brainstorm sessions.  I like the idea of two tribes of people that tame Dinosaurs fighting over land. ( Herbivores vs Carnivores )  I've started writing the summary of how the whole Illustrated Unconscious world was started. It's hard to create you're own kind of myth from scratch. Also working on many contained ( soon to be intertwined ) story archs. First is the science fiction story, involving a boy space cadet named Argile and his trusty companion Bit on a mission to find an ancient telescope hidden inside a Haunted Observatory. But that's not all that is going on...
There's a few more that are still in early idea stages. I have a bunch of story ideas having to do with dreams I've had. I think I mentioned a few of them in some really old Dream Journal posts.

Along time ago, I had this dream I washed up on the beach of a small island. There was a circular Colosseum-esq tower in the center. I walked up to the structure and a jaguar came around the corner. I ran around and found chain hanging. I leaped and grapped onto it, pulled myself up and onto a second floor. Infront of me lay a large gap in the room, with two blue statues hanging from chains across the gap. One was a giant ear and one was a torso+hips. I jumped and swung across to each one and got to the other side. There was a bookcase, I ran towards it and a trap door opened beneath me. End dream.


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