Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dandelion Gum

So a few years back I heard a song called " Sun Lips " by Black Moth Super Rainbow.
I downloaded thier album, and soon after got hooked. Exploring the evolution of the whole feeling and emotion these sounds brought.
Let's start at square one.
A mysterious persona named "Tobacco" started making noises.
First, as far as I know, was The Allegheny White Fish Tapes.
Which was a ghetto-blasted obscure slew of songs. 
About eating butterflies,  blue seahorses, braided cellophane, and sunburned faces.
Songs that gonna git you brainwashed into doing the " Dead Cowboy Dance "
After that a band of satanic, stomping caterpillars crawled out of the sewers of Pittsburgh
They created melodies for a color spectrum, songs about being magnectic, black rainboe beats, and a beautiful flower child in 256 colors.
That era soon passed. 
Later, in the year 2003 Tobacco, The Seven Fields of Aphelion, Father Hummingbird, Iffernaut, and Power Pill Fist combined their powers to form Black Moth Super Rainbow.
 Their first album, was Falling Through A Field, Soon followed by Start A People.
Next came Dandelion Gum. Which was a masterpiece.
After came Eating Us.
Which personally wasn't my favorite.
Tobacco himself even didn't really like that album.
Tobacco, after Dandelion Gum went solo and released a LP called " Fucked Up Friends" along with a "Fucked Up Friends" vhs/dvd
After that he realeased " Maniac Meat " and also a secret cd-r called " Mystic Thickness " and the " Fucked Up Friends 2 " vhs/dvd.

Theres much more mystery than what's been talked about. I just now decided I'm going to constantly edit this post until it is a megapost. So until next time...

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  1. sweet post man, i fuckin love black moth super rainbow